In this post, I’m going to share with you five things you can do to to feel more attractive and confident during the fourth trimester (and beyond!).

After your baby is born, your body is all over the place.

It takes a while for your organs to resettle where they belong, and you might be carrying more weight than you’re used to.

Besides that, your hormones are going bonkers, and there’s a good chance you’re losing hair faster than a smoker on chemo.

It’s easy to feel like a completely different person that you don’t even recognize.

To help easy any insecurities you might have with your postpartum self, here are 5 ways to feel more attractive and confident after birth!

5 Ways to Feel More Like Yourself Postpartum

#1. Focus on your posture

While this tip might sound really simple, posture can make a huge difference both in the way you look and the way you feel!

A year and a half postpartum–after sleeping on my side all pregnancy and then with a co-sleeping baby, carrying a baby around, nursing slouched over more hours than I can count–I am still struggling to correct my posture.

Be intentional about trying to walk with your core tight and shoulders back.

You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes!

#2. Embrace high-waisted pants

At least a little bit of a mommy pooch is inevitable.

While it may not be a permanent fixture on your torso, it probably is something you’ll have to deal with for a little while.

If you try to go back to wearing pants that sit at or just above your hips right away, you might not feel very comfortable.

Keep on wearing those maternity leggings!

Embrace the mom jeans! The great part is, they are very in style right now.

If you have clothes you feel good in, you’re likely to be a lot more relaxed (and more likely to go out).

#3. Don’t dwell on the temporary

PSA: You don’t have to like your postpartum body.

Yes, I said it.

If you don’t like the way you look and feel postpartum, THAT’S OKAY!

It’s completely normal.

When you look at yourself, remember the incredible feat your body just performed.

Give it some grace.

But embracing your postpartum body doesn’t mean you have to accept it permanently.

There are some things that may never go back to normal.

But many other things can!

When you see things you don’t like about yourself, remember that much of the way you look and feel right now is temporary.

If you take care of yourself, you eat healthfully and manage your blood sugar, your body will do most of the “bouncing back” on its own.

Just try not to focus on the temporary, and be good to the body that’s doing amazing things!

#4. Get dressed daily

Now, I’m not saying the first week you’re back from the hospital, you need to be getting up and putting on your old skinny jeans and chic blouses.

You should absolutely focus on recovering and spending time with your new munchkin in whatever clothing is most comfortable for you.

But as time goes on and you’ve healed a bit, you will benefit greatly from a morning routine that incorporates getting dressed each day.

For one thing, even just that little bit of effort to pull yourself together will go a long, long way toward making you feel more confident and attractive.

For another, you’ll be way more likely to leave home if you don’t look like a hot-mess zombie, and that will help you to feel more confident as well.

#5. Test your comfort zone

When I was newly postpartum, I became very VERY introverted.

While this is natural for new moms, I let that introversion turn to anxiety, which kept me holed up in my little 700 square foot apartment.

I rarely went out unless I absolutely had to.

But the times I did go out, even for just a walk around the outside of our building, I felt SO MUCH BETTER.

I wish I had established a regular habit of going out early on.

It would have made my first year as a new mom so very different.

Identify the things that scare you or make you anxious as a new mom. Then, try to push the limits of your comfort zone.

Each time you challenge yourself, you’ll get a boost of confidence.

Once I started pushing myself to go out more regularly, I discovered that my baby (who I was so worried about taking out because of her fussiness) was actually way less fussy on outings!

Turns out, she’s a little social butterfly and those outings were what she needed.

While not every outing was/is easy, she needs it, and I need it, too.

Your Turn!

Tell me where you’re at!

Are you newly postpartum? How are you doing?

Which tactic are you going to try implementing first?

I love to hear from you, so let me know in the comments below!

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