Today I’m sharing 10 filling foods to help keep your weaning toddler satisfied as you ease off the mama-milk.

When your toddler is milk-obsessed like mine, weaning can be really tough. My toddler would choose “milkies” over a meal 9 times out of 10.

As a light eater, she uses relies heavily on nursing sessions. So when we started night weaning, we needed her to fill up on calorie-dense, protein rich foods during the day.

If you’re looking for easy, filling foods to keep your toddler satiated during the weaning process (that the whole family can eat, too), here are 10 ideas to get you started!

10 foods to keep your toddler full while weaning

#1. Healthy Protein Oatmeal

When we started the weaning process with our 17 month old, I began making oatmeal every single morning.

This is my very own delicious, no-sugar-added recipe for oatmeal that will keep any size tummy full all morning.

It’s so yummy, like eating a peanut butter oatmeal cookie in a bowl! (The peanut component can easily be omitted).


Makes enough for mom to have 1/2 cup dry oats and toddler to have 1/4. Adjust servings as needed. Measurements are loose & flexible.

1 1/4 cups milk or nut milk (I use coconut milk)

3/4 cup old fashioned oats

1/16 tsp. salt

1/2 – 1 tbsp pressed peanut flour

splash of vanilla extract

Swerve brown “sugar” to taste

Frozen berries (raspberries are the favorite over here) alternatively you could use sugar free chocolate chips, like the ones from Bake Believe


  1. Bring the milk, oats and salt to a nice bubble; let simmer for a couple of minutes. (DON’T forget the salt)
  2. Remove from heat and let stand for about 5 minutes.
  3. Stir in Swerve brown sugar, vanilla extract, and pressed peanut flour. Combine well; clumps of peanut flour are not tasty!
  4. Divide into bowls and top with frozen berries.

I get my pressed peanut flour and brown sugar alternative from Amazon.

The pressed peanut flour is totally optional, but is a super easy way to add extra protein and flavor. I get mine in a 2 pack, and while it might seem pricey, I’ve been using the same 2 pack for over a year now without having to re-order.

I also love using a natural and healthy alternative to sugar. You can use whatever you want to sweeten your oatmeal, but for taste, the Swerve Brown Sugar Replacement wins hands down. You won’t know the difference.

#2. Greek yogurt with frozen fruit

My toddler is obsessed with yogurt.

I fantastic, quick snack to whip up is a bowl of unsweetened Greek yogurt with some frozen berries.

You can use fresh berries if you prefer, but frozen berries keep longer and make for a fun texture.

If you add frozen berries to Greek yogurt without thawing, the yogurt will chill around the berries and become less runny/sloppy.

Or, you can let the berries thaw for a few minutes and add both the berries and juices for more of a flavor punch (this also helps sweeten the yogurt).

If your toddler isn’t a fan of tangy, unsweetened Greek yogurt, you can make it a bit sweeter by adding a dribble of agave or monkfruit, or stirring in some pure stevia (I get mine from Trim Healthy Mama).

I don’t recommend using anything granular, as it probably won’t blend well with the cold yogurt and leave a gritty texture.

If you don’t have pure stevia, my top pick would be to use the Swerve confectioners “sugar” because it’ll blend easily.

#3. Banana (or apple) with Nut butter

I can still remember my dad bringing me sliced up bananas or cubed apple pieces with peanut butter in bed when it was time to sleep and I’d insist I was hungry.

For a tasty snack, cut the banana or apple into bite sized pieces, top with a spreadable nut butter, and serve!

If you don’t have the time or patience for spreading nut butter on each piece, you can always just put a whole banana on a plate with a spoon of peanut butter (complete with the spoon).

#4. High-Fiber Spinach and Berry smoothie

I don’t know about your toddler, but mine LOVES yummy drinks.

If you want to change things up once in a while (and provide an opportunity to suck on something other than mama’s goods) serve up a nutritious smoothie with a sturdy straw.

This recipe from Create Kids Club is a great option to try: it’s high in fiber AND it serves two.

Smoothies are so versatile, you can make little tweaks to the same recipe and end up with a totally different creation each time.

#5. Toast with cottage cheese

Did you know that cottage cheese is packed with protein?

For a fun combination of textures and temperatures, toast a wheat bread high in fiber and top with whole-milk cottage cheese.

You can even sprinkle a little cinnamon and sugar on top. (For a sugar free option, try Swerve granular or brown sugar).

#6. Tuna salad and crackers

Tuna is also a really good source of lean protein.

You can whip up a super easy tuna salad to spread on crackers or toast.

My toddler really loves dipping things right now, so you could even serve the crackers plain with the tuna on the side for your toddler to combine himself.

Combine a can of tuna with cream cheese, mayo, or Greek yogurt, and add a crunch with chopped celery or pickle relish. Don’t forget salt and pepper. Add dried dill if you like.

For a gluten free alternative, you could serve cucumber slices instead of crackers/toast.

#7. Hummus with raw veggies and/or pretzels

If your toddler gets a kick out of dipping, then hummus and veggies (or crackers/pretzels) is a great choice!

For ease, you can get pre-made hummus, but it’s also SUPER simple (and cheap) to make your own.

Check out this hummus recipe from Inspired Taste. Pro tip: you can omit the tahini if you don’t have it, and it won’t be a big deal.

Depending on your toddler’s tooth situation, some great dippers are:

  • Celery
  • Carrots
  • Cucumber
  • Pretzels
  • Wheat or whole-grain crackers
  • Cherry tomatoes

#8. Turkey chili

Need a filling supper for the whole family? Turkey chili gets the job done!

  1. In a skillet, combine 90% lean ground turkey and chopped onion with a cooking oil (I use coconut). Season with salt and pepper.
  2. Once cooked, add a can of mild or original Rotel (diced tomatoes with peppers) and roast for just a couple of minutes.
  3. Transfer everything into a cooking pot or slow cooker and add your choice of canned beans, diced or stewed tomatoes, tomato sauce, and seasonings (like chili powder, salt, pepper, cumin, cayenne pepper).
  4. Serve with shredded cheese, sour cream, or whatever you like to eat on your chili!

#9. Cheesy scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs are such a quick and easy meal, whether you’re feeding one person or five!

Just whisk up as many eggs as you need, cook them in a pan, season, and add shredded cheeses. You can even add some other mix-ins like peppers, onions, meats, etc., and go for a deconstructed omelet style.

#10. Easy chicken strips (or thighs)

Chicken is one of the highest-protein foods in existence.

Throw a full tray of chicken in a skillet, the oven, or an air fryer, and save the leftovers for future meals.

My toddler especially likes chicken thighs. They’re extra juicy, and higher in fat, which can help to satiate a weaning tummy. As a bonus, they’re cheaper than chicken breasts (at least where I live).

I serve chicken pieces with a dipping sauce like ketchup or ranch dressing, and my toddler is happy as a clam.

Your turn!

Weaning is a HUGE step for both mom and child. It can be a rough experience.

For some, it’s bittersweet.

For others, a welcome reprieve.

(For most, probably a little of both.)

So tell me…

Which recipe are you going to try first?

Let me know in the comments right now! I’d love to hear about your weaning process and how things are going for you.

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