Does your baby seem way more needy than you ever thought they were supposed to?

I mean, yeah, they’re babies and all, but by this point, you’ve noticed yours seems different than your friends’ babies and the ones you read about.

Maybe you’ve even been told your baby is spoiled. (It’s not.)

The truth is, you very well could have a “high need baby” like I did.

Here are some of the LIFESAVING products that helped me get through that rough first year.

Even if you don’t have a high-need baby per se, these are great tools for ANY parent!

(As a bonus, feel free to grab my Fussy Baby Cheat Sheet with 9 effective ways to soothe your fussy baby!)

Best Tools to Help You Survive an Extra Fussy Baby

A Baby Carrier

This one is non negotiable. There’s no getting around it.

If you want to survive a fussy baby, you’ve got to have a way to wear them.

If you don’t already have a baby carrier, it needs to move to the top of your list.

Here are my top budget picks:

  • Kea Babies Wrap
  • Hip Baby Sling
  • Infantino 4-in-1 Carrier

I have all three, and yes, I USE all three.

  • The wrap is good for wearing Baby around the house when you’re trying to get things done. It’s nice and secure, and Baby will be super comf.
  • The sling is ideal for nursing in. My high-need miss went through a phase where I had to be moving all the time, EVEN to nurse her. The sling saved my life. Also great for nursing discreetly in private places so that you don’t have to try and sit on a nasty toilet seat in a public bathroom or something.
  • The backpack is good for outdoor activity or longer shopping excursions. You can get away with the wrap, but the structured carrier provides a little more support.

The Fussy Baby Book

I very, very highly recommend “The Fussy Baby Book” by Dr. William Sears and Martha Sears, R.N.

I nearly cried when I read it because it was such a relief just to know that someone else got it, and it wasn’t all in my head.

The Attachment Parenting Book

I also recommend getting “The Attachment Parenting Book” by Dr. William Sears and Martha Sears, R.N.

Attachment parenting is truly what saved our lives and helped us to not only survive, but enjoy our high-need baby.

It was exactly what she needed.

And now that she’s a toddler, I can tell you…

  • It did not “spoil” her.
  • She is able to entertain herself independently.
  • She is very comfortable with people who aren’t mom and dad.
  • And she’s grown into a really amazing and personable little lady.

A Mesh Sling (for showers!)

I used to have the HARDEST time showering because setting my baby down meant she was going to cry.

Even if she was asleep, she’d know I was gone and wake up.

Which meant showers just were not fun.

I lamented not being able to wear her in the shower… Until one day, I found A MESH RING SLING.

I ordered it immediately. And it did not disappoint.

If you’re having a similar struggle, try a mesh sling or wrap!! They’re made for water.

(I like the sling because it’s easier for nursing.)

It’s also my top trick for soothing a fussy baby (and mommy). To this day, my daughter still loves showers.

A Portable “Baby Station” (for when you really have to set Baby down)

Okay, so we can even wear the baby in the shower, but sometimes, you still just need to set Baby down.

You can make life so much easier on yourself by having an easily-movable “baby station.”

You can absolutely use a swing or bouncer if that’s what your baby likes, but I’m a big fan of the Boppy Newborn Lounger.

No, it doesn’t do anything fancy like play music or rock my baby to sleep, BUT I can kick it with my feet.

I can so easily move it into any room before setting Baby down, and it literally fits everywhere.

Small bathroom? No problem. Tight kitchen? Not an issue.

Plus, it’s super convenient to store for the next baby, or to take in the car with you when you travel.

A Good Pacifier

Oh, Mom Friend. Do not underestimate the life altering power of a good pacifier.

While you should definitely prioritize breastfeeding (if you choose to breastfeed) to promote your milk supply, it’s exhausting to nurse around the clock!

A well-timed pacifier will rock your world. At least, it did mine.

Worried about nipple confusion in the early weeks? Read this.

At first, mine wouldn’t even take a pacifier. Finally, I found one she loved, and it’s probably the ONLY one I will ever buy again.

The Natursutten Pacifier is natural rubber, and the only one my daughter would ever use. Finally being able to soothe her without nursing–seriously, I can’t even tell you–it was the BIGGEST relief.

(I did a full review on the Natursutten pacifier if you want more details.)

Nipple Cream

On a similar note as the last product, nursing is exhausting!

I got the Medela Nipple Cream and I really like it.

In the early weeks, my child was vacuum sealed to me more often than not, and I was so. stinking. sore.

Nipple cream made it that much more bearable and helped me survive.

Plus, it’s great for other things, as well. My ears used to stay perpetually irritated and inflamed from my earrings, even the better quality ones, and on a whim, I tried some nipple cream. Bam. Swelling gone, and never been a problem again (which I feel confident saying a full year later).

A Quality Car Seat

I know, this one might seem a little out there.

A car seat? Really? A fussy baby essential?


My baby would ALWAYS cry and fuss in the car, and it stressed me out to go anywhere!

Finally we realized just how cheaply made and uncomfortable her infant seat was.

After much research, I replaced it with the Graco 4-Ever Convertible Car Seat, and it made a huge difference.

It was money well spent, because not only is it comfortable, breathable, and washable, it’s the only car seat we’ll ever have to buy her.

A Comfortable Nursing/Rocking Chair

Before having a baby, I didn’t think I needed a rocking chair.

We were in a small apartment and I figured I could save money and space by just nursing on the couch or bed.

Fortunately, some small instinct inside of me convinced me to get a chair before giving birth, and hallelujah, thank goodness I did.

I have the Baby Relax Robyn Rocking Chair.

I LIVED (not joking) in that chair for the first 2 weeks as my baby nursed around the clock.

Related: Sleeping with a Fussy Baby

And I still use it quite regularly with my toddler.

I feel so strongly about having a good chair that I say if you have to choose between a crib and a chair, go with the chair.

Your Turn!

Tell me what’s up, Mom Friend. Do you have a super fussy baby? How are things going for you?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments, or you can message me directly with an email ([email protected]).

If you have a fussy baby, make sure you check out these other posts I’ve written as well!!

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