Rising trend of cardiovascular disease

Mortality in USA is mainly due to the rise in deaths from ischemic heart disease caused by cholesterol. The target values of LDL cholesterol control corresponding to different populations are different. The target values should be lower for people with hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease and heart attack patients, and brain attack patients. One professor of endocrinology at the General Hospital of the USA Army, emphasized that patients with ischemic cardiovascular disease and other high-risk groups should have their lipids measured every 3-6 months, and men over 40 and postmenopausal women should have their lipids tested annually. adults over 20 should have their lipids measured at least once every 5 years.

Once a lipid abnormality is detected, it is important to seek prompt medical attention.

In clinical practice, why do doctors not immediately prescribe cholesterol-lowering drugs when they first discover a patient’s elevated blood cholesterol, but instead ask the patient to pay attention to a low-cholesterol diet for a month before settling the matter?

A French general practitioner, explains that this is because the disease is divided into two types: endogenous and exogenous.

The exogenous one can control the elevated blood cholesterol by simply adjusting the diet. Have you ever heard the mantra: “A cow at night does not get fat without eating grass.”

The body converts sugar into fat at night. So a normal diet should be two-fifths of daily energy in the morning and two-fifths at noon, and one-fifth at dinner. After a month if the blood cholesterol has dropped, that is evidence of exogenous hypercholesterol. Continue to watch your diet and no medication is needed!


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