Whether you’re already pregnant or hoping to be soon, you’re probably well aware that pregnancy is a rollercoaster.

I had no idea pregnant women could experience so many crazy symptoms, or how insane it would be to physically feel another human being growing inside of you, or just how many doctors appointments you have to go to.

There are a lot challenges and unpleasantries, no doubt, but there are also a lot of aspects that are deeply meaningful and rewarding,

To help give you a little bit of an idea what to expect, I’ve put together 9 of the best (and worst) parts of pregnancy.

9 of the Best and Worst Parts of Pregnancy

Best: Seeing two lines on a pregnancy test

Pregnancy Test

1st pregnancy test for Baby #2 – So faint, but there! My husband wasn’t even convinced I was pregnant!

Truly nothing can prepare you for the moment when that second little line shows up on a pregnancy test.

Whether it’s a total surprise, or you’ve been trying for a while (or both), it’s a moment you will never forget.

Honestly, my first pregnancy was a total oops. We were not trying for a baby, and hadn’t planned on any for many years more. I didn’t want to be a mom yet! It didn’t feel like there was any earthly way we could make it work (but we did).

Even so, that moment will be one of the most amazing and precious I will ever experience.

I’d also say this second time around was even more emotional than the first. We had been trying for several months (after waiting impatiently for my cycle to return many months before that) and it was starting to feel like we’d never have Baby #2.

Long story short, I was convinced that month was a bust and took a pregnancy test just for the heck of it. The test line was so so so faint, you could hardly even see it. But it was positive.

That positive pregnancy test rocks your world.

Worst: Uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms

Buuuuuut…. not long after that super special positive pee stick, the pregnancy symptoms kick in to confirm your new physical status.

They can definitely kick your butt.

Ever heard of lightning crotch? Yeah, I hadn’t either. Here’s an entire list of pregnancy symptoms I was totally not prepared for.

I’d have to say, my least favorite symptom of all is feeling the urge to pee for nine. months. straight.

Best: People are extra nice

As soon as that cute little bump starts showing, people who might never have given you a second glance start holding doors for you, offering you their place in lines, and asking thoughtful questions about how you’re feeling.

Worst: Everyone has an opinion

Will all of the extra niceness, though, comes an avalanche of unsolicited advice and opinions.

Some people will predict what you’re having based on the shape of your bump, insist you’ll be late or early, or swear up and down the wall you’re having twins.

Others will want to tell you all of the mistakes you can make, or ways you can screw your kid up.

They’ll tell you what kind of birth you should have and shouldn’t have.

Everyone has an opinion on how babies should sleep, and what they should eat.

And the truth is this: some of that advice will be good advice.

It’s up to you to trust your instincts and filter through the information being thrown at you left and right.

But you certainly don’t have to take it all. What’s right for some won’t be what’s right for you and your baby!

And remember, you don’t owe anyone an explanation for your decisions.

Here’s my unsolicited pregnancy advice!

Best: Having an excuse to wear comfy clothes all the time

Losing the weight postpartum

Personally, I’ve never been able to accept leggings as pants.

Then I got pregnant and I lived in maternity leggings.

My only regret is that I didn’t discover maternity clothing sooner!

It is soooo comfortable.

Worst: The clothing struggle

The hard part is that in the beginning, your waistline starts expanding but you don’t have much of a bump yet.

From week to week, your existing wardrobe gets harder and harder to hack.

On top of that, if you haven’t yet announced your pregnancy, your clothing somehow has to hide your physical changes. It’s not too bad in the winter, but hiding a pregnancy during a hot summer… forget it!

My first pregnancy I was able to get away with my normal pants for quite a while by putting a hair tie around the button, but this second time, I went straight to maternity clothes by seven weeks.

In your first trimester, maternity clothes will be too big, but by the end of the third trimester, even maternity clothes can’t quite do the job.

It’s an endless struggle just to get dressed each day!

Best: Feeling the baby kick

This is by far my favorite part of pregnancy.

I feel bad for men, honestly, because they can never experience that utterly incredible sensation of a baby wiggling around in your womb.

To feel it do a little jig in response to a familiar voice, or get excited when you’ve eaten a tasty treat…

There is no comparison.

Worst: Feeling the baby kick

It’s also the worst when your baby starts getting big and strong to feel like a limb might actually pop out of your side.

Those little buggers are all over the place!

Bouncing on your bladder, jamming your ribs, practicing marshal arts on your abdominal wall.

You’ll feel like you’re in an Alien movie. No joke.

I used to have dreams that my baby successfully got an arm or a leg out my side to say hello.

Best: Seeing the ultrasounds and hearing the heartbeat

Ultrasound Pregnancy

Seeing my babies on an ultrasound never fails to melt my heart and blow my mind.

No matter how big I get or how many symptoms I experience, every single time, I think, “Wow, it’s really in there!”

How amazing that we have the technology to safely see and hear our babies in utero.

Worst: Having to go to 5962 doctor appointments

During a normal pregnancy, you’ll probably have 2-3 ultrasounds.

But on top of that, you’ll also have a bazillion doctor (or midwife) appointments to go to.

From my experience, they see you the first time around 8 weeks, then once a month until you’re full term (37 weeks), and by the end, you might be coming in weekly or even daily.

That may not be the same for everyone, but my gosh do you and the receptionist get to see a lot of each other.

Best: Growing a super cute bump

Pregnancy 16 weeks with Baby

16 weeks with Baby #2

Ever get bloated after a good meal?

Now you can embrace it, because everyone thinks your bump is totally adorable! (Even if it actually is mostly food-baby).

Make sure you get regular progress pictures because no matter how you feel about your appearance right now, you will definitely want those photos later!

Worst: The bump doesn’t stay cute

As you progress into your third trimester, your cute bump gets harder to dress and harder to function around.

By the end of my first pregnancy, I was pretty much just living in a couple of pairs of non-maternity activewear shorts from the Walmart clearance rack.

Pregnancy due date with baby

On my due date with Baby #1… Basically the only clothes that fit (even though it was blazing hot out)

Even my comfy maternity leggings couldn’t quite do the job.

I had pretty much just been wearing my husband’s t-shirts, but those weren’t long enough to cover the bump by the end.

And once the baby starts to drop, it’s even harder!

I did NOT feel cute by the end.

Besides that, the bump (mountain) makes it difficult to pick things up off the floor, shave your legs, put on your shoes solo, reach the dishes in the sink… it’s always in the way!

Best: Having an excuse to take naps

Being pregnant is such a fantastic excuse to kick back, take it a little easier, and enjoy some delicious naps.

No one can fault you for needing rest…

You’re growing a freaking human being from scratch!

Worst: Soul-devouring exhaustion

But sometimes, your naps won’t be voluntary.

Sometimes your body decides it’s time to sleep and does not accept any argument.

Right from the start, you may well experience mind-melting exhaustion.

The fatigue is no joke.

Especially this second pregnancy, I am so. unspeakably. tired.

True story, I’ve fallen asleep with my toddler bouncing up and down on my head.

Best: Shopping for the new baby

Is there anything more fun than shopping for new baby stuff??

Those newborn outfits are just the CUTEST, and who isn’t head over heels to design a sweet little nursery?

Worst: Having a budget

Then you’ll realize that, like with maternity clothes and pregnancy products, anything that has “baby” on the label will cost 3x more.

Feeling restricted by a budget stinks.

But it’s actually a good thing because babies SERIOUSLY (listen to me here, mom friend) seriously don’t need much.

If you need help figuring out what to buy on a budget, check out my Amazon baby registry guide.

Best: The excitement of preparing for a new baby

As the end comes near, you might get crazy, insatiable nesting urges.

You’ll be out of your mind excited preparing for your new arrival!

Installing the car seat, washing the new onesies, blankets, and towels, packing your hospital bag, putting together the nursery…

You’ll be so excited to have everything just right for Baby!

Worst: Waiting for the baby

Except then you have to WAIT for the baby.

I was 110% convinced my baby would be early. She felt ridiculously strong in there, and I didn’t see any possible way she could make it 40 weeks without popping through my side.

But she was not early.

Those final few weeks, then days, then hours waiting for labor to start were EXCRUCIATING.

I thought I would go crazy.

If you need help not going crazy while you wait for baby, check out these 25 things you can do waiting for labor to start.

Your Turn!

Tell me, Mom Friend…

Are you pregnant right now!? Is it your first baby? What are you most and least excited about in pregnancy?

Leave me a comment!

If you’re expecting, make sure to check out these other posts on pregnancy!

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