You may be wondering how to choose the best bottle warmer when there are so many on the market. We have compiled a ranking of worthwhile models that you won’t regret buying.

Today there are many devices to help parents of newborns, including electric bottle warmers for baby food. Not only do you need to feed your babies the right foods, but it’s important that they are not too hot: babies should be offered foods that are at the same temperature as their bodies.

However, the WHO does not recommend the use of microwave ovens to heat baby food due to uneven temperature distribution (1). This is where the bottle warmer comes in handy, as it is an electric device that helps bring the contents of the bottle to the desired temperature and keeps it there for a certain period of time. There are models with sterilization options that save parents from having to boil their baby bottles before each feeding.

We made the top 8 best bottle warmers, and our experts shared their tips on how to use them properly.

Top 5 bottle warmers by KP

To avoid overheating the contents of the bottle in the microwave and experimenting with warm water, you can use electric bottle warmers. The device is a bowl of plastic with a heating element inside. With a button you can set the desired temperature. The temperature support function allows you to prepare the formula in advance and offer warm food to your baby at the right time.

1. Beurer BY52

The Beurer BY52 heater brings the contents of the bottle to the desired temperature and maintains it. The minimum heating time does not exceed 3 minutes. The status is shown on a special LED display.

The device is suitable for all bottle shapes and drinkers. The heated container can be removed with an elevator mechanism. Conveniently, the heater is equipped with an automatic shut-off function.

Care of the bowl is easy, because it can be washed even in the dishwasher. The device weighs only 480 g and its dimensions are suitable for placing on the children’s table or kitchen countertop.

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